Tracking/Trailing class is included in detection and patrol classes, at no additional cost

For single and dual purpose K-9s. OBK offers training courses with our Utah POST certified


Classes will include the following skills and training: 

  • Basic and advanced tracking and trailing skills and development 

  • Development of hunt and stamina searching on and off lead

  • On and off lead handling 

  • Development of natural drives and how to continue and maintain that development after class

  • Development of tracking/trailing routine skills of both K-9 and Handler, in numerous different environments and scenarios similar to those you may encounter on the street. 

  • Basic Obedience 

Oquirrhberg Kennels prides itself in providing the best possible results for you, your K-9 and your department. We start both K-9 and handler from the ground up and no previous knowledge and experience is common in first time K-9 teams. We are here to help you with and answer any questions you might have before, during and after class

Oquirrhberg Kennels offers the Utah POST certification, this certification is available to Police teams and SAR only. Other teams will receive a OBK certification.If you have a question about if you qualify for a POST certification, please contact us.


Our unique classes offer the opportunity to work with a number of our Utah POST certified instructors in a number of different environments and locations. We recommend our Fast Track Classes to get you and your K-9 in the field, as soon as possible. 

Fast Track Classes 

Offered for detection, tracking/trailing and patrol classes. Our Fast Track Classes offer you the ability to come and stay in Wendover for the entire stay of of your course. Accommodations can be offered at a discounted rate through OBK, with one of our sponsored hotels. This allows the unique opportunity to train longer hours during the day and through weekends, getting you and your K-9 trained and certified sooner. Minimizing time away from your home optimizes.


Class lengths are tailored for each K-9 team and continue until you and your K-9 are ready to certify with utah POST. Most Fast Track Classes take between 2-3 weeks for single purpose and 4-5 weeks for dual purpose    


Unable to participate in our Fast Track Classes? 

We offer classes tailored to your schedule, call today to discuss what will work for you. Length of classes depends on the time you are able to spend training. Classes continue until you and your K-9 are ready to certify with Utah POST 

Tracking/Trailing Class $2,000.00


Includes Basic Patrol Equipment Package $500.00 value

Certified instructors, trainers and Judges

OBK-9 offers a unique level of experience and insight With over 162 years of combined experience in k-9 and over 100 years combined in law-enforcement
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