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Explosive K-9 detection, also known as bomb detection, has grown in recognition since events surrounding 9/11 and with the readily available information on the internet, anyone can receive instructions on how to construct a bomb. Our K-9s have the unique ability to detect components of a potential threat, before tragedy strikes. Preemptive actions taken to secure a location, event or operation does several things; the presence of the K-9 team takes extensive measures in acting as a deterrent for any potential threats who may wish to bring bombs onto the property. It also works to secure the safety of human life and property because of the K-9s non-invasive detection nature. Having the ability to detect explosives in a non-invasive manner and early detection can save countless lives. 

With the increasing instability in mental health and society, bomb threats are becoming a more public concern, and unlike years of past when large quantities of explosives were brought into a building via a large vehicle, or sent directly to a intended target; perpetrators bring the explosives in small quantities, usually in a bag or a cart and placed in strategic locations or via suicide bombers, to create the maximum damage to both persons and properties. Oquirrhberg Kennels provides a technique known as personal screening to provide clients the ability to have K-9s detect explosives on a person both at a stand still and on the move. Specially trained teams are used to target large groups of people and crowds and detect potential threats, while also providing a deterrent to potential perpetrators. 

Whether it be a large warehouse with expensive and vital equipment or an event with a large group of crowd goers, Allow our certified K-9 teams help you provide the best possible protection for your business and personal needs.

Certified instructors, trainers and Judges

OBK-9 offers a unique level of experience and insight With over 162 years of combined experience in k-9 and over 100 years combined in law-enforcement
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