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Dogs have widely been used for their keen sense of smell to detect a variety of substances from drugs to mold. Canines can contain over three hundred million receptors in their noses compared to about thirty million in humans.

Some may be skeptical about the use of canines, entomology researches at the University of Florida reported that a well-trained K-9 can detect a live bug or egg with 97% accuracy. This is compared to only the 30% accuracy of humans with visual detection. 

These bloodsucking insects go through five stages of development, and in most of these phases, they are no larger than the size of a sesame seed, camouflaging the insect from being detected visually, while it can take hours for a human to search through an entire room, tearing apart furniture and ripping out floor boards to visually locate these offending bugs, dogs can smell the presence of live infestations in a given area within minutes.

Research has shown that bed bugs can live dormant for months, without feeding. Bed bugs are resilient and require careful extermination that can cost a company thousands upon thousands of dollars. K-9 detection not only saves on time and labor but early detection is the number one factor in successful pest control.

We provide post extermination and regular inspections to insure precision treatment and prevent future infestations.

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OBK-9 offers a unique level of experience and insight With over 162 years of combined experience in k-9 and over 100 years combined in law-enforcement
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